What are you about?

Have you ever been asked a question and your answer made you laugh on many levels? 

Me, being from modest blue collar roots, was in Los Angeles in 2008 visiting some lifelong neighborhood friends who live in Hollywood.   We went to a party to hob knob with the LA elite.  I began making small talk with some dude about our current living locations.  

convo @ party in L.A.

"So where do you live?" 

"LA, where do you live?"

“I live near Philadelphia"

"How do you like living in LA? It seems like a cool city."

"It's cool, but I am not here that much throughout the year being that I winter in Aspen and summer in Martha's Vineyard" 

"That’s great man...you get to summer in the Vineyard" (trying to sound cool). 

"yeah man...where do you summer?"

That is when it happened...
I stopped and thought for a minute
...started to laugh, and said with twisted pride & humility


I Summer In Conshy


& The Rest Is

Where do you

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